Venus Flytrap

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The most famous carnivorous plant out there: who isn't captivated by the idea of a meat-eating plant? A unique adaptation to surviving in super-low nutrient habitats, those tiny toothsome traps can devour all manner of tiny creatures. Attracted by a sweet nectar, various bugs and small crawlies will wander in and trigger the tiny hairs inside each trap. Snap!


These swamp-loving plants need to be constantly moist: place their pot into a dish or container with 1cm of water, and do not allow them to dry out. We recommend purified or rainwater.

Light requirements

Requires direct sun for healthy growth. Place your flytrap in the brightest location that you have. A South or East-facing windowsill is ideal. In low light they will become pale and spindly.

Care tips

  • Avoid placing the planter next to radiators or draughty windows. 
  • Carefully wipe the leaves from time-to-time to remove any dust.
  • Prune out any brown leaves or stems by cutting as close the next stem or the base of the plant as possible.
  • Use some fertiliser during warmer months i.e. April to September (little and often is best for consistent growth).
  • For more detailed plant care instructions, check out our Plant Care 101 guide.


    Native to the wetlands of North and South Carolina, USA



    No known toxic effects to cats, dogs, other pets or humans.


    Pot size: 9cm / Height: 10cm