Dieffenbachia 'Camilla'

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Fantastic houseplants for beginners and experts alike, the array of leaf variegations between each variety of the Dieffenbachia family makes them very collectible. 'Camilla' is petite in stature but bold in impact. The combination of pale cream and deep jade is particularly striking, and brings light and contrast to any houseplant collection.


Water regularly during warmer months but allow the soil to dry out slightly between each watering. Allow the top 2-3cm of soil to dry: check with a finger. Make sure the roots are never sitting in excess water for a prolonged period, and you may find you need to water less frequently during colder months, aiming to keep the substrate just barely moist.

Light requirements 

Requires plenty of indirect light, but will tolerate light shade. Close to an East or West-facing window is ideal. Hot, direct sun through windows can scorch the delicate leaves so be cautious in Summertime.

Care tips

  • Avoid placing the planter next to radiators or draughty windows
  • Carefully wipe the leaves from time-to-time to remove any dust
  • Prune out any brown leaves or stems by cutting as close to the next stem or the base of the plant as possible
  • Use some fertiliser during warmer months i.e. April to September (little and often is best for consistent growth)

For more detailed plant care instructions, check out our guide:Plant care 101


Pot size: 12cm / Height: 40cm


Native toMexico and the West Indies


The sap is a strong irritant: keep away from pets and small children