Drawing on over 25 years’ experience in the industry, we offer a curated selection of high quality plants, pots and planting accessories. We began our foray into retail with a small shop on the iconic Columbia Rd in East London but, due to recent events, we’ve reorientated our business towards the virtual world. For those with a humble windowsill garden to those wanting to create a tropical paradise we can offer expert advice. Our mission is to help people cultivate their own unique urban jungle.

Our expertise lies in creating green spaces across the whole gamut of uses: living, hospitality, retail, work and events. Keeping our horizons broad we offer both outdoor and indoor planting and can provide planting solutions for any project, no matter how unusual. We work closely with our clients to realise ideas, giving both design focused and practical recommendations which elevate the final result. If you'd like to discuss your project, we'd love to hear from you: hello@underleaf.uk