Sansevieria zeylanica 'compacta' (snake plant)

This snake plant is a tough compact variety with striking sword shaped patterned leaves it will add interest to any room. Sansevieria are also known as Mother-in-laws Tongue this uncommon variety also purifies the air and is just as hard to kill.

Please note, the planter is not included.


Water regularly during warmer months but allow the soil to dry out between each watering and make sure the roots are never sitting in water for a prolonged period. Water less frequently during colder months.

Light requirements 

Requires plenty of indirect light but may suffer if it gets too much direct sunlight. A lack of light can lead to leggy stems/ low growth rate / loss of leaves. 

Care tips

  • Avoid placing the planter next to radiators or draughty windows
  • Carefully wipe the leaves from time-to-time to remove any dust
  • Prune out any brown leaves or stems by cutting as close to the next stem or the base of the plant as possible
  • Use some fertiliser during warmer months i.e. April to September (little and often is best for consistent growth)

For more detailed plant care instructions, check out our guide:


Pot size: 12cm / Height: 40cm


Native to tropical regions of West Africa.


Considered mildly toxic. Keep away from pets and children.