Areca Palm - Dypsis lutescens

Height (cm)
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The Areca palm is a classic, having first found favour with the Victorians, it's never really gone out of fashion since. It’s easy to distinguish because it has beautiful feathery foliage and its stems go from a light grey to deep red-brown colour. They look great in baskets but need to be raised up, as much as possible, to show the stems off to their full potential. Areca palms are relatively easy to care for but, as with all palms, they need consistent watering. Because its leaves are rather delicate this one in will react particularly quickly to either under or overwatering – you’ll start to see the tips of the leaves browning. Once this has happened they’re not going to turn green again so keep on an eye on this one in order to keep it in peak condition.

Delivery / Installation (London only)

We only offer our extra large plants to customers based in London. We deliver personally with a large van to ensure they arrive in the best possible condition, hence the higher delivery cost. We're happy to advise on placement and general plant care when delivering.

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Water regularly and thoroughly so the water reaches the plant’s deeper roots. Allow the top soil to dry out between each watering and make sure the roots are never sitting in water for a prolonged period.

Light requirements

Happy with plenty of indirect light but can tolerate fairly low light conditions.

Care tips

  • Avoid placing the planter next to radiators or draughty windows. 
  • Carefully wipe the leaves from time-to-time to remove any dust.
  • Prune out any brown or dried leaves by cutting as close the the base of the plant as possible.
  • Use some fertiliser during warmer months i.e. April to September (little and often is best for consistent growth).
  • For more detailed plant care instructions, check out our Plant Care 101 guide.