Bucida buceras 'Shady Lady'

Height (cm)
Pot diameter (cm)

Bucida buceras 'Shady Lady' can bring the outdoor atmosphere inside, this is a statement indoor tropical tree which will only get better as it matures which is why it's so popular for indoor landscaping projects. It would look stunning in an indoor courtyard or with a minimalistic interior. Also known as a 'black olive tree' the lovely leaves make it a great feature plant which creates a calm vibe. 

This rather large plant will need a rather large planter. Get in touch to find out what the options are. We also offer a full delivery and installation service (London only), if required.

Please note, there can be a 1-2 week lead time for our extra large plants.

Delivery / Installation (London only)

We only offer our extra large plants to customers based in London. We deliver personally with a large van to ensure they arrive in the best possible condition, hence the higher delivery cost. We're happy to advise on placement and general plant care when delivering.

If you'd like the full works including delivery and installation by a professional team using top quality substrate, just get in touch and we'll provide a quote: hello@underleaf.uk


Water regularly and thoroughly so the water reaches the plant’s deeper roots. Allow the top soil to dry out between each watering and make sure the roots are never sitting in water for a prolonged period.

Light requirements

Thrives in sunlight but will take indirect light, best situated near a window or under a skylight

Care tips

  • Avoid placing the planter next to radiators or draughty windows. 
  • Carefully wipe the leaves from time-to-time to remove any dust.
  • Prune out any brown or dried leaves by cutting as close the the base of the plant as possible.
  • Use some fertiliser during warmer months i.e. April to September (little and often is best for consistent growth).
  • For more detailed plant care instructions, check out our Plant Care 101 guide.


    Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and northern South America